The Ethical T-Shirt - Designed by artist Paul McDermid

Ecodigital introduce a t-shirt that is good. Good design, good quality, ethically good, and lets you feel good wearing it.

A stylish t-shirt featuring a classic iconic design inspired by the natural world.

This t-shirt carries the Fairtrade Mark - the independent consumer label - guarantees a better deal for third world producers. Producers who adhere to strict standards of safe and fair employment practices including health and safety, discrimination, working hours and forced or under age labour.

By buying this garment you are helping improve the lives of cotton farmers and workers in the clothing industry.

  • 100% pure organic cotton
  • Fair Trade
  • International Labour Organisation compliant

Printed by T Shirt and Son who have an excellent approach to ethical issues. They mainly use water-based inks and we hope that their continued use of these, and PVC Free inks, will help to reduce any negative impact on the environment. They work closely with the Water Authority who monitor and test our effluent and all their water is filtered before it enters the sewer. All other waste is processed by licensed contractors. All their staff are trained to separate waste for recycling, encouraged to reuse materials where possible and made to understand the full value of resources.

You can look good wearing this t-shirt and feel
good knowing that its been ethically produced!

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